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Easily preview and search through the best selection of California Trust Deeds opportunities, all available on one site, CrowdTrustDeed. It's the easiest way to build and manage your California Trust Deed portfolio.


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Filter the available Trust Deeds based on your own investment criteria, so you only review the deals that are suitable for you. Compare the best deals to select the ones you want to invest in.


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Once you've found the deals that are right for you, just pledge how much you want to invest, from a fractional interest to the whole amount. Results are updated online, in real-time, so you always know how much is available and who else has co-invested.

Here's what our clients, sponsors and founders say

I enjoy the real-time availability status of Trust Deeds on  I know exactly how much money is pledged and what fractional ownership interest is still available.

Karen Gunther. Temecula, Owner Stay Visible Marketing and Real Estate Investor

CrowdTrustDeed provides a great way to build and maintain my Trust Deed Portfolio.  I get complete transparency into the investments I am making and get a significantly better yield. 

Karen Le, HB Management Group and Real Estate Investor

The CrowdTrustDeed platform provides an intuitive pledge process that lets me know in real-time how much of a Trust Deed is available or not.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder,

I like the Online Community approach at I enjoy investing with my friends and having a “clubby” environment with my Trust Deed investments.

Tony Lyon, Chrysler Corp., Real Estate Investor

Multiple Trust Deed Sources provide a variety of product types and the system suggests appropriate investments based on indicated investor criteria and preferences. The variety, quality and quantity of inventory provides faster selection capabilities and boosts yield.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

The Online Marketplace allows investors to buy, sell and trade Trust Deeds online real-time. Knowing if the Trust Deed Opportunity is available or not is a huge improvement over the static brochures on other Providers websites and emails.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Workflow Collaboration enables better transparency and communication between the Sponsor and the Lender. Pledging, Due Diligence review, investing, document signing, closing and funding are all part of the workflow

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Trust Deed holders with an existing portfolio can sell existing performing notes and earn a spread income that significantly boosts yield.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Fractional Interest Selection criteria enables Diversification and greater Participation. Crowdfunding with a Fractional Trust Deed structure enables minimums as low as $20,000 and maximum's as high as $2.5 Mil.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Standardized Due-Diligence with full transparency gives me confidence in this secured investment. Complete documentation with online analysis, ratios, meaningful and verified metrics are all accessible securely online.

Felix Veski, Real Estate Investor

Finest Quality Trust Deeds are available on the marketplace. The CrowdTrustDeed team reviews and approves Sponsors and verify's experience, licensing and references.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Large Quality Projects are available as well as CrowdTrustDeed enables up to 10 investors to invest in a deal and the ability for investors to self-syndicate.

Sandy MacDougall, Co-Founder, CrowdTrustDeed

Thank You…as your motto states, I appreciate you making this loan fast and professional.

Rob Montgomery, HOM Real Estate Agent and professional Rehabber