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California's Leading Trust Deed Marketplace

Find, Pledge and Buy High Yield California Trust Deeds

CrowdTrustDeed (CTD) provides an online real time marketplace that connects real estate lenders with investors and business purpose borrowers.

CTD's goal is to offer trust deed investments with the Real Estate as collateral and to solve the problem of inefficient, fragmented, and opaque real estate lending by using technology, data-driven processes, and expert human touch to create transparency with low fees. CTD fills the void between slow, over-regulated banks, and hard money lenders that cannot supply timely or consistent sources of capital. The transparent, simple, and efficient solution allows qualified investors to easily build a high yielding Trust Deed Portfolio with steady cash flow that diversifies their funds while giving borrowers reliable access to capital for a variety of business purpose scenarios.

a few reviews of our platform

California Investors Feedback

“From the initial offering presentation to the final funding, this TD investment was handled very smooth by Mortgage Vintage. I appreciate the opportunity to be associated with a true professional like Sandy MacDougall. Trust Deed investments are a key portion of my financial portfolio.”

Dan P. Mortgage Broker

“We have worked with Mortgage Vintage, Inc. on a multiple of hard money loans over the past few years and I am always impressed with the fast, professional service we receive from Mortgage Vintage. Whether the loan is a Business Purpose 2nd , a Fix and Flip or a Fix and Rent Loan, Sandy always provides fast up front commitments and funds on a timely basis.”

S. KohnNational Equity Funding

“We had tried another private money lender for this Beverly Hills 1st TD for 30 days and kept getting strung along. The Lender kept saying that they had the money, when they did not. My borrower was getting anxious and needed the money. I had to act quick and go to a Lender that I knew would perform. We had worked with Mortgage Vintage before but did not know that they could fund such a large loan as $5.6 Mil. Within a few days of our original call, Mortgage Vintage visited the property, met the borrower, secured a lender and funded the loan. Wow!”

S. ZodoMortgage Broker

“We needed a fast foreign national loan and we called Sandy at Mortgage Vintage. Sandy and his team quickly provided a quote and the underwriting items needed to close. Sandy worked with us while the buyer finalized the loan amount and down payment. Mortgage Vintage told us what they would do and then they did it. No games, no bait and switch, no changes at the last minute. I would highly recommend Mortgage Vintage for brokers looking for a hard money loan.”

David LeMortgage Broker





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