CrowdTrustDeed provides an online marketplace for California Trust Deed investors. Investors can research, pledge, buy and sell sponsored Trust Deeds, including fractional interests, while enjoying a simplified and efficient, real-time investing experience. This dynamic FinTech  transactional social website enables registered investors to build a portfolio of high yield current monthly income California Trust Deeds and facilitates self-syndication and investing with “Your Trusted Crowd.”
Your Trusted Crowd allows you to share your Trust Deed purchase with your investment associates and friendsnfamily. We foster a trusted, intimate community-oriented environment for investing. Registrants can essentially form a venture alliance to take advantage of the direct investment model of CrowdTrustDeed and co-invest with their friends and colleagues.

Crowdfunding Trust Deeds

We're excited to bring the innovation occurring in FinTech, Crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending to trust deed investing. CrowdTrustDeed solves the challenges that all trust deed investors face today - building and managing a dynamic trust deed portfolio. If you're a real estate developer looking for a new source of fast and reliable capital, or a qualified investor who wants to diversify your portfolio within a new cash flow based asset class, join your Trusted Crowd today at CrowdTrustDeed.

What Trust Deed Investors Really Want

Trust deed investors understand the significant benefits of a diversified high yielding portfolio of trust deed investments that provide monthly income. But, they're challenged by today's offline process resulting in stale offerings, inconsistent due-diligence, no centralized deal source, limited ability to select co-investors, no visibility into payoff timing, re-investment challenges, lack of liquidity, and multiple unconsolidated statements. Our mission is to solve these challenges by moving the process online, by providing information in real-time, and aggregating information in one place - CrowdTrustDeed.

Over 10.00% Average Return! 100% Return of Capital!

Since the founding of our parent company in 2007, our investors have averaged >10.00% interest, as a return on capital, with no loss of principal. In this same time frame, our investors have received 100% return of their capital. While past performance is not an indicator of future performance, we provide transparency into the total actual returns our investors achieve investing on the CrowdTrustDeed platform.

$2.73 Mil.

Currently Published Deals

$150.23 Mil.

Completed Deals

$63.28 Mil.

Paid Off Deals

1.06 Thousand

Number of Fractional Investments

$0 Mil.

Principal Balance Losses from Operations
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