Crowdfunding Trust Deeds

We are excited to bring the innovation occurring in Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer lending to Trust Deed Investing. CrowdTrustDeed solves the challenges all Trust Deed investors' face today building and managing a Trust Deed portfolio. If you're a real estate developer looking for a new source of fast and reliable capital, or an accredited investor who wants to diversify your portfolio within a new asset class, join the crowd today at CrowdTrustDeed.

What Trust Deed Investors Really Want

Trust Deed Investors realize the significant benefits of a diversified high yielding portfolio of Trust Deed investments providing monthly income. But, they are challenged by today's offline process resulting in often stale offering status, inconsistent due-diligence, no centralized deal source, limited ability to select co-investors, no visibility into payoff timing, re-investment challenges, lack of liquidity, and multiple unconsolidated statements. Our mission is to solve those challenges by moving the process online, by providing information in real-time, and aggregating information in one place - CrowdTrustDeed.

>10.00% Average Return, 100% Return of Capital!

Our investors have averaged >10.00% interest, as a return on capital, with no loss of principial, receiving 100% return of their capital, since the founding of our parent company in 2007. While past performance is not an indicator of future performance, we will provide transparency into the total actual returns our investors achieve investing on the CrowdTrustDeed platform.

$70 Million of Trust Deeds, secured by $110 Million of Real Estate

Since 2007 we have placed over $65 million of loans for our trust deed investors, secured by over $75 million of California real estate.

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