Sell at Par, a Premium or a Discount

Any investor can sell their Trust Deeds on CrowdTrustDeed with the ability to price their loan at par, (the current note rate) or sell it at a premium or discount. Investors can elect to retain a servicing spread too, for regular monthly income.

List for Free, Only Pay when You Sell

There is no fee for listing a Trust Deed on CrowdTrustDeed. A fee is only due upon closing, when the Trust Deed sells, paid directly from escrow.

.25% (25 basis points (bps) Marketplace Fee to Sell, $250 Minimum

The marketplace fee is .25% (25 bps) to the Sponsor (Seller). The minimum fee for a seller $250. The sale of a note, or fractional interest, of less then $100,000 will result in the minimum fee being assessed. Title, escrow and closing charges are not included in the marketplace fee.

Safe, Secure, Compliant Transactions

Closing and Escrow is managed by the Sponsor and a licensed escrow company, to ensure safe, secure, compliant transactions.

California Residents Only

If you are a California Resident and interested in earning additional current income by selling one or more of your California Trust Deeds, or fractional interests, please contact us, we will guide you through the process.

We're here to help you